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The purpose of this online project is to compare, contrast, and record various theoretical perspectives in genre theory. This site will be used to organize and connect a selection of readings that I am currently exploring in a non-linear, interrelated manner, which I find to be more in alignment with my actual thought processes and ways of making meaning.

By using a blog, rather than a conventional paper/word document, my hope is to demonstrate the intertextual connections between theorists and theories, as well as to create an easily searchable, multiply-organized artifact for further use in my research. In addition, by offering this to the online community and/or to others interested in this topic, it allows this work to be shared, commented upon, and added to, and may possibly contribute to others who find it of benefit. I like the idea of a dynamic, changing, potentially collaborative space in which to work and document ideas, rather than hiding the production of such projects in a closed, isolated space.

Various concepts will be labeled in the above tabs, and tags will allow a viewer to find multiple entries related to interest or topic. Feel free to leave comments, notes, or links to other information that supports, refutes, or in some way connects with this research. Thanks, and happy reading…..


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